The Third Way

Our mission is to enable a Third Way of investing, generating sustainable returns

We believe in a socially and economically empowered Africa, and as such, we work with all stakeholders to create and finance opportunities that deliver economic, social and conservation returns over the short and long term.

Rural Development

Despite strong fundamentals, Africa lags the rest of the world in key social & environmental impact sectors. From fundamental food security to the development of entrepreneurial businesses, investment in sustainable agricultural productivity and energy provision remain an effective means of delivering real growth.

Blended Financing

Blended Financing strategically uses development finance, donors and philanthropic funds to mobilize private capital to enhance returns for private investors while driving social & environmental impact. Blended Financing has emerged as a solution to the high cost of doing business in developing countries where social & environmental impact is the greatest.

Impact Investing

Impact Investing is emerging as a new strategy aimed at catalysing positive impact while generating financial return. Through impact investments, catalytic investors help create initial conditions in underdeveloped regions that ultimately lead to exponential change for current and future generations.

We aim to converge the world of development and finance to create sustainable, impactful businesses


✓ Equity, debt & hybrid financing

✓ Strategic counseling & management

✓ Technical expertise


✓ Addressing basic needs: agriculture, water, housing

✓ Addressing basic services: education, healthcare, energy, financial services


✓ Research & teaching

✓ Stakeholder education

✓ Support for innovators & initiatives

Other Private Sector Players

✓ Supply chain integration through trade firms

✓ Facilitating access to financing

✓ Corporate social responsibility

Donors & NGOs

✓ Technical assistance management

✓ Supply chain optimisation

✓ Productivity enhancement

✓ Human capital development

✓ Land acquisition facilitation


✓ Human capital & infrastructure development

✓ Designing & implementing favorable business environment policies

We are focused on catalyzing positive outcomes, comprehensively delivered across our four key impact pillars to address interdependent needs and align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“Today in the world, you have five hundred million farms which are less than three hectares, and those five hundred million farms [are providing] the direct living of two and a half billion people.”

Monique Barbut – U.N. Convention to Combat Desertification

Our investments seek to deliver impact specifically needed in the areas within which we operate

We look to consolidating a typical agricultural investment in a nucleus farm, with other activities and linkage in the area in order to create a large & diversified agricultural platform. We will, for example, look to collaborate with donors to provide technical assistance to launch a smallholder programme that benefits both the grower and the aggregator – the nucleus farm.

Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to know more about how we want to help seed the transformation of rural communities